ATM Cash + Credit + Card + Coupons: RedCarpet


ATM Cash + Credit + Card + Coupons: RedCarpet

Free Download ATM Cash + Credit + Card + Coupons: RedCarpet For PC Windows 7,8,10,11

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FIRST & ORIGINAL credit line on card in India –
ONLY service where you get instant virtual card or upgrade to a cool card in your pocket.
RedCarpet is also RBI CISA certified for security.
Going Krazy for cash or
– Slice it using RedCarpet Cards with a
Mastercard / Rupay Card
with discounts & coupons on your card !
What is RedCarpet
Credit line card: Credit limit from a RBI authorised NBFC Overdraft
from ₹500 up to ₹ 50,000 (based on score)
You get a virtual Mastercard/Rupay card and optionally
upgrade to a physical card
Where to use: Shop online or at local kirana/shops/dukaan by using your RedCarpet Card. Withdraw money using ATM using card (subject to approval)
Amount, Tenure, Fees & Charges
The charges and repayment tenures vary based on the score and income of the customers.
Application Fees – between 0 to 650 Rs based on CIBIL score.
Processing Fee – for low risk customers 0%-3% , for very high-risk customers 2.5%-6.5% of principal
Late fees –
only charged on late payment
. About Rs 300 for 10,000 Rs
Repayment: Bill generated on 15’th of every month. Repay next month at no extra cost or convert it into EMIs upto 12 months.
Interest rate:
Range from 0%-29.95% with equivalent monthly interest rate of 0%-2.49% only
For personal loans, the min period for repayment = 3 months & max period of repayment = 36 months
Example for 12 months, ₹50,000/- credit line
-> Application fee = ₹350
-> processing fee = ₹1,250 for 12 months
-> 22% interest rate yearly.
-> The APR is = 28.372%
-> total interest in 12 months is ₹6,156
-> monthly EMI = ₹4,679.72
-> Total Payments + Fees = ₹57,756.63
APR for different credit products: low risk customers is 0%-36%, medium risk customers is 18%-39%, high risk customers is 24%-42% and very high-risk customers is 24%-70%.
How to use
– Fill in the required details
– like selfie, etc
– Upload KYC (ID & Address Proof)
– Starting limit of Rs 500 – 10,000 (fees based on credit limit)
– pay on-time to improve credit limit
– Pay EMI via UPI/Bhim app on RedCarpet app or website
– Highest limit of Rs 50,000!
Why is RedCarpet special and different?
* Flexible & 100% honest –
Only amount you use will be converted to loan. If you use ZERO, then monthly fee will be ZERO💰
* Zero interest if you pay
in full
by the
15th of the month
* Instant Virtual Card.
* Easy address proof, PAN card,
ID card, salary slips, etc
* Track your spending with app & check your credit score (needs SMS perms)
* Open for students, salaried, self-employed
you can pay minimum EMI OR total monthly bill.
(interest charges will apply for min EMI)
* RedCarpet card can be used anywhere to slice your payments – Flipkart, Amazon, restaurants,
ATM cash withdrawal
(For selected users) 🏧
* Improve credit bureau (CIBIL) using Ruby Card. This will be beneficial to your future job, EMI & loans
Honest Disclosure of Permissions
Our servers are audited for PCI and CISA compliance for data privacy and security. We NEVER move data outside India. These are permissions we ask for:
✓ Location: to notify closest RedCarpet KYC agents. Also for fraud detection if your card is used away from you.
✓ Contacts: references & sharing
✓ Email – verification
✓ SMS – track spending & UPI
✓ Photos & Media : We never scan private photos –
Only needed to upload documents photos for KYC
For more details on our privacy policy, visit –
DIPP Atmanirbhar Bharat Startup
Registration# DIPP56299
RedCarpet is not directly engaged in the activity of money lending. RedCarpet is a platform that facilitates loans & credit to users by duly registered NBFCs. We comply with all applicable laws including RBI Fair Practices Code when facilitating administration or recovery of loans on behalf of

How To install ATM Cash + Credit + Card + Coupons: RedCarpet For PC Windows

1.Download and Install Android Emulator on PC,Laptop,Tablet.Click “Download Emulator” to download.

2.Launch the emulator and sign in with your Google account.

3.Download ATM Cash + Credit + Card + Coupons: RedCarpet APK file of the app you want to install for PC from a trusted source.

4.In the emulator, click on the “Install APK” button and select the APK file you downloaded.

5.Follow the on-screen instructions to install ATM Cash + Credit + Card + Coupons: RedCarpet APK For PC.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app from the emulator’s app drawer and start using it on your PC. Keep in mind that some apps may not work properly on an emulator, as they are designed to be used on mobile devices.