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Biochemistry or biological chemistry notes,reference guide, course material,course syllabus for bio medical,bio technology, genetic engineering & medical,para medical ,physiotherapy,laboratory course students across the world.
Biochemistry biological chemistry app is designed for students as well as research & teaching professionals. It contain basic concepts of biochemistry and detailed study of chemical process in the molecular components of Cell.
It almost cover all important topics of Biochemistry or biological chemistry which are given below.
Unit 1: Basic Organic Chemistry
Important elements in biology
Shape of water and ammonia molecules Acids and bases
enderson- Hasselbalch Equation Buffers Important functional groups in organic chemistry
Non-covalent interactions General types of reactions in Biochemistry
Unit 2: Amino Acids and Proteins
Amino Acids and Proteins
Classification Optical isomerism
Acid-base properties
Peptide bond formation and properties
Classification of proteins
Levels of protein structure
Unit 3: Carbohydrates
Classification of monosaccharides based on no. of carbonatoms
aldoses and ketoses
Fischer projections
Haworth structures
Structure and functions of sugars
Unit 4: Nucleic Acids
Structures of purine and pyrmidine bases Nucleosides
DNA Types of RNA Structure of DNA
Watson and Crick model
Unit 5 : Lipids
Nomenclature Classification
Properties & Functions
Fatty Acids
Triacyl glycerols
Membrane lipids
Structure of steroid nucleus
Biological role of Cholesterol
Biological Membranes

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