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Karate Training - Videos

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Karate is a popular Japanese martial arts, self – defense, that was originally developed on the islands of Okinawa, Japan. It focuses on kata, punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes and kicks. Many Karate schools also conduct Kobudo weapons training (i.e. Bo). There are many sub-styles of Karate.
Karate is an ancient martial art built around self defence that originates from Japan and China. It has become extremely popular worldwide, and has many variations. Understanding and practising basic Karate can be achieved by learning the terms and techniques employed in this martial art. Karate WKF is not the same thing as kickboxing training or kung fu, but many exercises will also work with your martial art style.
This Karate app is a sports training application with authentic details to help its users to memorise and update their training. This app helps students like a virtual master or a guide and keep track of techniques like punch, hands, elbows, kicks and blocks. This app describes each stand and how blocks and kicks are performed.It will be a great friend for Karate students.
Karate is often depicted as a brutal martial art form. However, its violent reputation shouldn’t put you off getting involved in it. Karate may be a contact sport, but it requires great skill and agility.
Competition karate is centred on balance, grace and self discipline, rather than straightforward punching and kicking. Here’s some important moves you’ll want to know about.
This martial arts video demonstrates basic karate techniques for Beginners to Advanced.
From novice right through to master, Karate’s most important element and key to superior technique is to practice the basics.
This app will provide you with the foundations of techniques, and build you up so that you are able to master more advanced moves. This app is perfect for you if you are trying to learn beginner or advanced Karate OR for those who want to use this martial arts style as a form of exercise.
Here are some of the key techniques that you can expect to learn as you progress through your karate training. Although some moves may appear slightly rough-and-ready, it’s important you keep in mind that competition karate is played out in safe.
Are you learning karate? This is an awesome app for you. It will help you to learn Karate for free. We have selected the best video tutorials to learn and improve your martial arts technique. Helpful for people to fall in love with Karate-do and martial arts.
Inside the free app you will find many video tutorials step by step about the karate training and that way it will be easier for you to learn each movement yourself like a pro. This is the App that you were waiting for some people who were beginners before in this sport, Now recommend it.
What are you waiting to learn to fight? Enjoy our karate training will help you to learn self defense. Don’t miss the advanced karate strikes and improve your kicks, punches, and defend yourself with block and elusive martial arts. Explore fighting techniques guide and learn basic karate lessons for beginners.
• 48 offline videos, No internet needed.
• Description for every strike.
• High quality video for every strike.
• Every video has two parts: Slow motion & Normal motion.
• 400 Online videos, short and long videos.
• Tutorial videos for every strike, and how to perform it step by step.
• Learn how to block any strike with detailed instruction videos.
• Warm Up & Stretching & Advanced Routine.
• Daily notification & Set up training days for notifications & Set the specific time.
• Easy to use, Sample and friendly user interface.
• Beautiful design, Fast and stable, Awesome music.
• Share tutorial video strikes with your family & friends.
• Absolutely no gym equipment required for workout training. Use the app anytime, anywhere.

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Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app from the emulator’s app drawer and start using it on your PC. Keep in mind that some apps may not work properly on an emulator, as they are designed to be used on mobile devices.