Quran Sharif: Offline Al Quran


Quran Sharif: Offline Al Quran

Free Download Quran Sharif: Offline Al Quran For PC Windows 7,8,10,11

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Holly Quran is the Last divine Holly book (Quran Sharif) of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. The holy Quran is revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the holy month of Ramadan. Holy book (AlQuran) of Allah has solutions of all problems read the holy book (Quran Majeed) of God on daily basis. Al Quran app is the true guidance for the whole humanity. In Islam, Al Quran Kareem Recitation has a number of benefits. Learn Noorani Qaida with Audio through this namaz app. Read Arabic Quran without internet and find real direction of Qibla.
First, you will get rewarded for every word you read from AL Quran Karim. All Muslims Quran Shareef is the source of Righteousness. We developed an amazing Al Quran Karim offline for actual Arabic Quran recitation. Recite Ramadan dua during Ramadan prayer times with the help of Quran Pak app. Quran Kareem is a digital Arabic Quran app & you can use Qibla finder through the Qibla direction tool. Al-Qur’an Majeed helps you to recite Alqur’an on daily basis anywhere.
Alquran app also works offline so you don’t need the internet to read Al-Quran online. All Muslim read Quran book because Quran daily is your best Ramadan companion. Listen Tajweed Noorani Audio Qaida after salah & read Quran Urdu translation. Holy Quran Kareem free app lets you recite alQuran book without going online. Now understating the Qoran become easy with 16 line offline Holy Qoran. Holy Quran Kareem offline app is a completely Offline Quran Majeed recitation genuine Islamic application.
AlQuran Ramadan app shows you 114 surahs. Learn Quran Majeed with our Kuran Book as well as read Noorani Qaida. Quran reading app design is very easy to navigate once you start reciting Quran Pak you can swipe left or right to move to the next page. Quran sharif Pages are beautifully designed for eye comfort and easy Quran recitation. Quran offline app provides you free Qibla direction so download this Quran Majeed app. Offline Holy Quran provides you a real masjid feeling while prayer times.
Quran Urdu translation you can scroll down to navigate all 30 Paras and 114 Surah by Name and Number. While reciting the holy Quran the mobile screen light or brightness won’t go dim or turn off for a better tilawat user experience. Download Holy Qoran images by clicking three dot menu button and select Holy Quraan download image to save it in your gallery. You can easily bookmark any page and do tilawat Quran and can resume alquran reciting from where you left off.
Salah guide and surah index is available in this Ramadan Holy Quran. You can also save multiple bookmarks to read kuran later. Quran sharif app assists you in Ramadan. Features of Holy Quran App: Quran Reading: Quran app allows you to Quran reading with tafsir. Understand Quran Tafseer through our Quran explorer app. If you want Quran Urdu or Quran translation then read this tafsir al Quran app. On every namaz time, all Muslims read Quran in maka because we’re giving you Quran with translation.
The Quran Pak is the last Holy Book from Allah. Quran Karim app guides you just download beautiful Quran Sharif app. Quran Majeed is the guidance to all humanity you can also read Quran English. Quran Kareem has a download page feature you can save Quran book any page through Qoran app. Hadith: Al Quran Karim has a large hadith collection you can do Quran study. Surah Index / Juz index: You can read Arabic Quran from the surah index as an actual Quran. 16 lines free recitation app has a juz index. Bookmark: Arabic Quran study is more convenient with this free Koran app.
kuran app has a feature that you can bookmark any surah & ayah easily through Karon app. Learn Noorani Qaida: Coran app has free madani Qaida that allows you to understand the basics of Al Quran Al Karim. Salah Guide: Learn Muslim prayer with this Holy, Duran. According to Islamic prayer time, we give you coran with Muslim prayer guidance. Qibla Direction: Kuran app provides you a free Qibla Compass that allows you to find Qibla.

How To install Quran Sharif: Offline Al Quran For PC Windows

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3.Download Quran Sharif: Offline Al Quran APK file of the app you want to install for PC from a trusted source.

4.In the emulator, click on the “Install APK” button and select the APK file you downloaded.

5.Follow the on-screen instructions to install Quran Sharif: Offline Al Quran APK For PC.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app from the emulator’s app drawer and start using it on your PC. Keep in mind that some apps may not work properly on an emulator, as they are designed to be used on mobile devices.