Trance 5D Music Visualizer


Trance 5D Music Visualizer

Free Download Trance 5D Music Visualizer For PC Windows 7,8,10,11

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Listen to the latest trance music and enhance the experience with visualizers, which are optimized for the deepest trance effect. This app works great with all kinds of trance music such as psychedelic trance, progressive trance and more. The app and its music will develop your light body, so you can experience more dimensions and degrees of freedom.
Music choice
Play your music with any music player app. Then switch to this app. It will then visualize the music. 30 trance radio channels are included. A player for your music files is also included.
Create your own trance visualizer with the settings
29 music visualization themes and 6 backgrounds are included. Choose between plasma patterns like “Inside the alien mind” and “Magnetic“. Design the appearance of the particles and the stars. You can change the appearance of Trance 5D, so it looks like your own creation. Get access to the settings in a simple way by watching video ads. This access will last until you close down the app.
Background radio player
The radio can continue playing when this app is in the background. You can then do other things when you listen to the radio, like work or use other apps.
Live wallpaper
Use the Live wallpaper to personalize your phone.
You can watch this app on your TV with Chromecast. It is a fascinating experience to watch it on a big screen. This is perfect for chill out sessions or raves.
Visual stimulation mode
Press pause or stop on the music player or the radio. You can then use the app as a visual stimulation tool without music.
You can change the speed of the visualizers with the and – buttons.
All systems have a certain amount of degrees of freedom. This is their dimensionality, so a 5-dimensional system (5D) has 5 degrees of freedom. The formulas for the patterns come from a course in multidimensional mathematics at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering.
Ark of the Covenant
Throughout time, the truth about the Ark of the Covenant has become lost; replaced by speculation. The only way of finding the Ark of the Covenant is to assemble it inside of oneself through spiritual development. This develops your light body, which makes it possible to experience more dimensions, ascend into light beings and travel across the universe. The ancient Gnostics were esoteric knowledge seekers who sought to reconnect with their higher self, and believed that in their light bodies they could travel in a stargate to the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which they referred to as Sion.
Microphone visualization
You can visualize any sound from your phone’s Microphone. Visualize your voice, music from your stereo or from a rave. Microphone visualization has no limits!
You can control your position in space with the interactive 3D-gyroscope.
Unlimited access to settings
You will have access to all of the settings without having to watch any video ads.
The radio stations come from Digital Impulse:
These channels and more are included in the app:
Astra Trance
9Axis Trance
Alyf Recordings Trance
Ambient & Lounge
Arrakeen Trance
Paradise Trance
Atlas Corporation Trance
Aviv Media Trance
Blues Channel
House Channel
Christmas Channel
Classical Channel
ATG Trance
Country Channel
DKR TecHouse
Emacore Trance
Ambient Fantasy
Gate of Paradise Trance
Jazz Channel
Kuno Trance
Matt Paul Trance
Heavy Metal Channel
Movie Themes Channel
Sounds of Nature Channel
Oldies but Goldies Channel
Ori Uplift Trance
Trance Channel 2
Funk & Electro Swing Channel
Psychedelic Trance
Pulsar Recordings Trance
Reggae Channel
Techno Channel
Rock Hits
Ahmed Romel Trance
French Skies Trance
Sundance Recordings
Rik Tights Trance
Liftburg Trance
Global Trance Channel
Resident DJ Channel
Nick Turner Trance
Victor Special Trance

How To install Trance 5D Music Visualizer For PC Windows

1.Download and Install Android Emulator on PC,Laptop,Tablet.Click “Download Emulator” to download.

2.Launch the emulator and sign in with your Google account.

3.Download Trance 5D Music Visualizer APK file of the app you want to install for PC from a trusted source.

4.In the emulator, click on the “Install APK” button and select the APK file you downloaded.

5.Follow the on-screen instructions to install Trance 5D Music Visualizer APK For PC.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app from the emulator’s app drawer and start using it on your PC. Keep in mind that some apps may not work properly on an emulator, as they are designed to be used on mobile devices.